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Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base

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Increase your racing performance with the Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base

The Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base takes gaming immersion to new heights, allowing players to fully engage in the world of car racing.

Its precision engineering and advanced technology enable gamers to refine their skills and enhance their performance, providing an unparalleled experience in virtual racing.

Key Features

  • Effortlessly switch wheels with the simple wheel changing system.
  • Harness the power of T300's fast brushless servomotor.
  • Enjoy precise handling with the responsive dual-belt system.
  • Experience exceptional performance and reliability with proprietary magnetic technology.


The T300 Servo Base, an essential sim racing component that promises an unparalleled gaming experience. This exceptional peripheral offers a quick and seamless wheel changing system, granting users the ability to effortlessly switch between a variety of Thrustmaster wheels.

With options ranging from GT circuit racing to challenging rally terrains, the T300 Servo Base series provides a diverse selection of add-on wheels designed to cater to different motorsport styles, allowing racing enthusiasts to indulge in their preferred racing experiences. Unleash your true potential as a racer and embrace the captivating world of motorsports with the T300 Servo Base, where the possibilities are limitless and every race is an adventure.

Fast & Powerful 

Boasting an impressive power output of nearly 25 watts, this cutting-edge motor ensures lightning-fast and precise performance, granting racers impeccable control on any type of racing terrain.

The T300  Servo Base takes realism to new heights by delivering an authentic and accurate racing element directly to the user's hands, making this motor an absolute essential.

Diving deeper into its exceptional features, the brushless motor technology incorporated into the T300 Servo Base offers more than just unrivaled performance. It also provides an incredibly quiet racing experience, distinguishing itself from traditional brushed motors.

Dual Belt System

Experience unparalleled driving comfort and precision with the T300's dual-belt system. Enjoy a supple and flexible driving experience with minimized disruptive noises and seamless movements.

This innovative mechanism optimizes the integration of data elements from the race course, enhancing your connection with the virtual track.

Magnetic Technology 

Thrustmaster's cutting-edge magnetic technology ensures unparalleled wheel precision that remains consistent over time, making the T300  Servo Base the preferred choice among virtual racers worldwide.

With its patented contactless H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) system, which eliminates the need for potentiometers, this gaming peripheral guarantees an unlimited product lifespan and exceptional precision throughout your gaming sessions.

Boasting an impressive 16-bit resolution and 65,536 values, the T300 Servo Base sets the gold standard for reliability and accuracy, providing an immersive racing experience like no other.

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PC compatible with all USB pedal sets

Compatible on PS4/PS5 & PC with detachable Thrustmaster wheels

Compatible on PS4/PS5 & PC with 3-pedal pedal sets

Compatible on PS4/PS5 & PC with TH8A and TSS

Compatible on PC with all USB shifters

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