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Meca EVO1 Hydraulic Bundle

by Meca
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Unmatched Robustness, Reliability and Adjustability with the Meca EVO1 Hydraulic Pedal Set Bundle

The new standard for high-end sim racing equipment is here. Our precision-measured Meca EVO1 pedal set offers the perfect ergonomic position for both GT and F1 seating, ensuring unmatched comfort and performance. With full adjustability, these pedals are suitable for all simulation types - from road cars to GT and F1 cars.


  • Solid construction with quality bearings and Automotive environment unibals (made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass).
  • New electronics from our own production, featuring proven RJ11 connectors for easy pedal connection.
  • Excellent quality with CNC Laser-made steel parts and ballotin-treated face plates (glass sandblasting).
  • Variability of attachment through pre-drilled holes and established standards, allowing for customized positioning of pedals.
  • Loadcell technology equipped on all pedals except brake, with redesigned power transmission to sensor for high-quality performance.
  • Fully adjustable angle for all pedals and height-adjustable face plates, making it easier than ever to find the perfect settings.
  • New Meca Control Panel - The redesigned Meca Control Panel software now includes 9-point curve settings for each pedal and you can save your own setting profiles. You can also set deadzones and calibrate individual pedals



New Accelerator Pedal Design

Featuring stiffness adjustment with fine adjustment options using a preload spring and round nut, you can achieve the perfect level of control. For those who prefer the heel'n'toe technique, a long faceplate is available for purchase. The 20kg load cell sensor, coupled with a redesigned power transmission system on the sensor itself, ensures precise power transmission. With a high-adjustable faceplate and adjustable pedal angle, achieving the perfect settings has never been easier.

Refined Brake Pedal To bring you even closer to the experience of a real race car, we've developed a hydraulic version of our brake pedal. This pedal is equipped with a Willwood master cylinder and a slave cylinder manufactured in-house, with a focus on smooth operation, system tightness, and long-term durability. The slave cylinder is equipped with a unique system of cups made of polyurethane, offering unparalleled protection against overload while simulating the pressure of a real brake system. Racing Clutch Our clutch pedal features a degressive style, providing a faithful and realistic feel similar to that of a real car. With four springs, the pedal stiffness can be adjusted to your personal preference. Additionally, the stiffness can be further customized using the groove in the pedal. The load cell sensor guarantees precise power transmission, ensuring accurate and reliable performance. With a height-adjustable faceplate and adjustable pedal angle, finding the perfect settings for your comfort has never been easier.


Handbrake While passing a turn sideways may not be the fastest method, the feeling it evokes is truly priceless. That's why we enlisted the help of the most skilled rally drivers to develop our handbrake. With the perfect length and optimal toughness, our handbrake can be customized to your preferences with two polyurethanes. The lever can be positioned for your convenience, and the head is easily replaceable as needed.
  • Replaceable lever head: The M10 thread mounted lever head can be easily replaced with a self-made head.
  • Proven load cell: The Mavin load cell sensor, with a maximum capacity of 200kg, ensures precise power transmission. This same sensor is used in the Meca EVO1 brake pedal.
  • Fully adjustable: The brake shift length and toughness can be adjusted with the replaceable polyurethanes. The bowl system provides reliable protection for the polyurethanes.

SQ Shifter

Our latest gear shifter, the Meca SQ EVO, was created with the goal of delivering the most realistic experience possible. To achieve this, we collaborated with professional racers from both rally and circuit racing backgrounds during development. The shifter's optimal length and stiffness can be adjusted to match the specific characteristics of the racing car you're driving.

  • Replaceable lever head: The M10 thread-mounted lever head can be replaced with a custom-made head.
  • Electronics: The Meca SQ EVO features our in-house electronics and is fully customizable using the Meca Control Panel software. The shifter utilizes high-quality Omron switches.
  • Fully adjustable: The lever stiffness can be adjusted between 2kg to 7kg, and you can also modify travel path and spring preload settings.



  • 4mm thick steel with surface treatment
  • Pedal lever bearing mounting
  • Adjustable pedal angle
  • Adjustable position forward/backward, left/right
  • Height-adjustable pedal faceplate (Balotin stainless steel)
  • Possible adjust of the stiffness of the pedal in a round groove
  • Fine tunning of the preload spring with a round nut
  • Optional additional purchase of a long faceplate for Heel and Toe
  • 20kg load cell sensor
  • Ball bearing rotation axis housing


  • 4mm thick steel with surface treatment
  • Equipped with a professional master cylinder by Willwood
  • Slave cylinder of its own design, which is equipped with a quality seal, for trouble-free operation of the system
  • slave cylinder is equipped with polyurethanes with an unrivaled system of cups, which protect the polyurethanes from overload and at the same time simulate the pressure of the brake system
  • Possibility to adjust the rigidity of the run by choosing suitable polyurethanes – from a soft pedal to an extremely hard and short run
  • Pressure sensor 1600Psi – for maximum compression it is necessary to develop a force of 138Kg on the pedal
  • Adjustable pedal angle
  • Adjustable position forward / backward, left / right
  • Adjustable tread height (Ballot stainless steel)
  • Bearing bearing of the axis of rotation
  • During the development, emphasis was placed on smooth operation, tightness of the system and durability


  • 4mm thick steel with surface treatment
  • Adjustable pedal angle Adjustable position forward/backward, left/right
  • Height-adjustable pedal face plate (Balotin stainless steel)
  • Degressive style clutch – simulation of clutch compression in a real car
  • Large variation of settings and fine tuning
  • Equipped with 4 tension springs, can be changed according to the user
  • Springs can be removed – 4 springs (max)- 1 spring (min)
  • Load cell sensor
  • Ball bearing rotation axis housing


  • Quality and strong construction
  • The length of the lever is derived from a real race car
  • Replaceable polyurethanes for setting the shift length and toughness
  • Proven 200kg Mavin Loadcell sensor
  • Lever mounting in bearings
  • Replaceable lever head for custom made (M10 thread)
  • Possibility of positioning the entire handbrake
  • Attachement to rig via grooves in the structure
  • Custom design electronics

SQ Shifter

  • Developed according to the requirements of real racers
  • Quality strong construction of 4mm thick steel with surface treatment
  • Optimal lever length
  • Possibility to set the motion length
  • Possibility to set stiffness from 2kg to 7kg
  • Possibility to set spring preload
  • Omron quality switches
  • Own electronics design
  • Possibility of exchanging the lever head for custom made (M10 thread)
  • Attachement to the rig via grooves in the structure


  • Newly developed electronic board of our own production
  • RJ connectors for connecting individual pedals
  • USB-C connector for connection to a PC
  • New Meca Control Panel software
  • 9-point curve settings for each pedal
  • Deadzones setting and pedal calibration
  • Profile saves
  • Electronics housed in a stainless steel body


  • Base part from extruded aluminum
  • Adjustable Heel plate, height wise and distance wise
  • Compact and very solid base for large load forces
  • High modularity and precise settings according to the user’s needs
Accelerator pedal
  • Brake pedal (hydraulic) including slave cylinder
  • PCB box
  • USB-C cable
  • Polyurethane set – 2x blue (80sh), 2x orange (90sh), 2x honey (95sh)
  • User manual
  • 8x screw M6x25
  • 8x mother M6
  • 16x steel washer
  • 8x plastic pad
  • 2x T-Nut M6
  • 2x screw M6x12
Meca EVO Handbrake
  • PCB box
  • USB-C cable
  • 4x screw M6x25
  • 8x steel washer 6mm
  • 4x plastic washer 6mm
  • Set of polyurethanes – 2x black (70Sh), 1x blue (80Sh), 1x Orange (90Sh)
Meca EVO SQ shifter
  • PCB box
  • USB-C cable
  • 4x screw M6x25
  • 8x steel washer 6mm
  • 4x plastic washer 6mm
  • Small wrench for adjusting the spring preload
  • User guide

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